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I will travel to New York for a few days this weekend with a friend. This is my first time there and we will stay in middtown Manhattan. We wondered about a good restaurant (preferably something unique, hard to find elsewhere), near Manhattan. So what do you think are the must-see attractions. I think I found an answer. NYC has an impressive array of ethnic cuisines – with its large Chinatown and Little Italy downtown. If you go to Chinatown – Joe certainly hit Shanghai, they have won numerous awards for their soup dumplings (FYI – they do not accept credit cards, so come prepared with money.). They have a few locations around New York, but the location is the best Chinatown (9 Pell St), but they have a location downtown. And if in Chinatown, hit up Chinatown Ice Cream Factory – they all make their ice cream on site, and crazy flavors like almond, taro, green tea, red bean, lychee, etc. My favorite is the lychee. Chinatown is also ideal for shopping cheap (umm.. A bit sketchy, but you can get designer bags there.). In the center – there is a unofficial "Little Korea" (otherwise known as Koreantown) – near 8th Avenue and 32nd Street. – Where several blocks are filled with great Korean restaurants My favorite is Kun Jip (9 W . 32nd St), where you can BBQ your own meat right at the table – they are known for their thick cut pork belly, and it's great There are also karaoke fun places around you can hit up. Late at night to see attractions -. Certainly have to go to Central Park (I love the petting zoo, which is fun to go in the summer – this is not the best zoo, but definitely the cutest, I love the show Polar Bear) Take a walk on 5th Avenue, and stop by the expensive shops, and also the 767 Fifth Ave Apple Store () -.. Which is just fun to watch . Grey's Papaya is also a must visit (539 Eighth Avenue at 37th Street), they serve great hot dogs and juice on the cheap (and was also featured in You've Got Mail, and a ton of other movies – it has a cult in New York).. Take tea in the afternoon at the Plaza Hotel (well, it's a bit pricey at $ 60/pp, but definitely something to write home about). Or just walk around the Plaza. Good times. Go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (although it is a whole day to do just that), or the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art). If given the choice, I'd look at the MOMA in Van Gogh's "Starry Night." Hit the TKTS booth in Times Square (just across MTV studios), and score cheap day tickets Broadway. There are literally a million things and a half to do in New York, the above are my favorites. I really hope you enjoy yourself. (And please do not go to chain restaurants like Cheesecake Factory that you can go anywhere else in this country).

March 16, 2014

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  1. Marcalo

    The Hard Rock Caf, bennyhans, cheese factory, Mr. Chow now major attractions, Broadway when you come to Gotham you have to see a Broadway show um tour strengthening the rule of the Empire, Central Park / zoo, botanical gardens, it is in Brooklyn but worth the train ride um buy a hot dog from a vendor go shopping I live in New York and I can not send you to the specific location because THREE so make sure y'all go to the club do not worry, no matter what y'all do you'll have good luck

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