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Hi, need recos for restaurants in the center and easy to get to other parts of the city. We need some places that are OK for 2 years. I know we will not dined at Nobu or Gotham, but I would like some options other than McDonalds, Pizza and hot dogs. No chain restaurants like Friday please – we can get this stuff where we're coming from. Basically … Also, in March 2112 theme restaurant on Broadway in the center is very suitable for children. Not a chain, but not too far from one, it's a themed restaurant space. Diners are good. Ben Kosher Deli, Carnegie Deli and Rosie O'Gradys are quite friendly.

March 7, 2014

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  1. Sunna Lowell

    Why not try Stardust Dinner Ellen about 52nd and B'way. This is quite a nice place, but very crowded. Ellen was a lady metro, at a time when New York was still the price. Anyway, she opened the dinner and it was great fun. It has a little train running around the top of the restaurant. Servers are also actors and actresses looking for work, so occasionally they have a break in service and they put on a spectacle.Centre city, around 16th Street off 5th Avenue is the American restaurant. This is a huge restaurant that serves all types of food. I was there with a 2 year old and have had no problems, so I know they are for children, even when the child decides to visit all the French tables.Rti is a kind of high-dinner end which is open 24/7. It can be a bit noisy, but if you do not go to meal time, then you are ok. They also eat outdoors. No problem with enfants.Aussi there is the Barking Dog Cafe, there are 2 on the Upper East Side and the other in the city center. They are very discreet and have a lot of food. You really have a lot of good food for your argent.Ce is not difficult to find restaurants for as long as you stay away from the best restaurants children.

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