Reviews of local restaurants

I keep hearing that support local restaurants contributes to sustainability, but. . HOW. Do you know what I found? Support local restaurants is sustainable when the food that is served up is grown or raised by local producers. (The definition of "local" varies, but most agree that is produced with a range of 150 miles to be "local".) Restaurants are most likely to participate in the local food movement are independent institutions to local capital . Patronage corporate chain restaurants that are geographically "local", but receive their food by truck sites remote distribution is not considered "eating local" – as the previous poster said. Independent restaurants, local businesses who take pleasure in serving local food often go more to support the local economy. They can buy works by local artists, using local designers and printers for menus and advertising, and so on.

February 22, 2014

One thought on “Reviews of local restaurants

  1. TuffGirl Camry695

    Mixed feelings thereon. Support any local aid because it eliminates or reduces the environmental cost of transporting materials in other words. The theory is that if local store Bob N Betty breakfast, you cook an egg, it probably came from a local farm and was not trucked halfway across the country before is cooked and served to you, where a large chain restaurant would normally sign a contract that all is the food stock come from one or two areas and have been trucked or flown hundreds or thousands of miles. With most things you buy that is true, but the food is not always this way, and with the exception of very few places to eat out normally can be easily beaten to the sustainability and economy by cooking at home.

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