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Are there any Japanese restaurants in Singapore which serve excellent food and is dog friendly. Basically … Here is a list I have researched using the Internet 1. Restaurant Pawtobello – first "dogs" Singapore restaurant where dogs are allowed to accompany their owners inside. It even has a dog menu just for dogs. Pooches can choose to go in a variety of European dishes, including pancakes and chicken rolls. Visit this site for more info: Card # 2. Four Seasons Singapore Four Seasons Singapore, for example, allows a so-called "lapdog" (under 8 kg) for a room upgrade. They also allow all cats, ferrets and rabbits – But, said the reception. No tigers, please "While you have to sign a contract, the hotel has two simple rules. No animals in one of the stores and dogs food and drink must be kept leash in public areas As for the comfort of your pet, they will arrange for a sleeping basket for your pampered one and will primarily affect any part of pet-occupied away from couples Costs:.. From S $ 360 Where:. 190 Orchard Boulevard, Singapore (Tel: 6734 1110 3 … K9 Kafe Closed Mondays To be sure, go after 10:30, said 11h The food is excellent and delicious … I highly recommend the breakfast St Bernard or Grilled Chicken. Yumilicious. You can order food by themselves or as a set. There is only one kitchen staff and during peak periods, you must be patient. Dogs learn to mingle freely and openly without having to be leashed up like coffee. Long Thomson bakery United States is next to it so you can order snacks for pooches too menu dog is nothing as good as urban pooch but human food is good information found on this site: 4 … Give a dog a bone coffee – was launched by two animal-loving sisters who thought that there were not enough animals of company restaurants around Singapore They had a vision to create a charming little cafe ideal for pet owners and their bestfriends to relax out and have comfortably. Fun. And where dogs can have a good feast house and mingle with other classmates. Where: 740 Bedok Reservoir Road Black # 01-3177 Singapore 470740 Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 24:00-20:30 Saturday – Sunday 9:30 to 8:30 p.m.

5. Dogoholics that allows owners and their pets for dinner and play interactive games while waiting for their food. We ensure that you have a great time getting into our coffee. We are located at 519 Serangoon Road, do not call us for more information.

6. Doggie Diner offers a range of health and nutrition, homemade, free dog food to bother. No preservatives are added or addictive. Each meal is packed with the nutrients needed daily to keep your loved one healthy, strong and happy dog. As humans, our pets deserve beloved human quality, fresh food and healthy homemade too much rather than quality canned or preserved animal feed. We have a wide selection of entrees that comes in three sizes depending on the size of your little dog (meat 100g), medium (180gm of meat) and large (250g meat) chicken with brown rice and vegetables – 3 SG $. 90 Beef with brown rice and vegetables – SG $ 4. 90 pork with brown rice and vegetables – SG $ 3. 90 fish with brown rice and vegetables – SG $ 5. 90 And that's all >> Hope that helped ..

Having just returned to Chiang Mai, Thailand, we decided to visit our new restaurants vegetarian dishes, salad concept, where we ordered. . .

March 17, 2014

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