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Hey, I’ve got people coming in to celebrate my birthday soon and I’m looking for a great restaurant in Santa Monica right on the beach with spectacular ocean views, and great food. I’ve seen a lot of answers posted that have great Santa Monica restaurants, but I can’t figure out which ones have the best views combined with good food. We’d prefer American or Californian style food, but seafood, steak are great too. Right now I’m leaning towards The Lobster because of the views, but I’m not sold on the menu. Oh, and a restaurant where we can get outside seating/sunset seating would be perfect too. Ideas anyone? Malibu locales might work in the future when I’m out with locals, but we’ll coming from Glendale, CA after them flying in that day. We want something in the Santa Monica area so after dinner we want to walk around the pier. Thanks for Gladstones, though. I have it earmarked for the future. . Any restaurants near the pier any good. Essentially — THE LOBSTER it is on the Santa Monica Pier. Strongly recommend reservations. Prices vary between 30. 00 – 40. 00 (personally I think this is pricey). Food was very good, very nice/upscale restaurant and you couldn’t ask for a better view (on the pier.). It has a Zagat Rating. Another location OCEAN AVE SEAFOOD on Ocean Ave. (On the corner of Santa Monica Blvd. And Ocean Ave. ). There is a view of the ocean. Prices vary (not as expensive as The Lobster), very nice/upscale restaurant too. It also has a Zagat Rating too. Another answerer suggested I CUGINI, 1501 Ocean Ave. , Santa Monica. I agree, this is also a very good restaurant, has a great view and they do have a ocean view patio(reservations recommended). The food there is very nice and price wasn’t bad either. Hope this helps with your search.

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June 15, 2014

6 thoughts on “Santa Monica Restaurants

  1. Mandy Birdman646

    How about Warsawa (sp) It’s Polish but I loved their cooking . They moved to Santa Monica from Berkeley.

  2. Andy Camry

    Outside seating Paradise Cove Beach Café in Malibu.
    I Cugini in SM but not on the sand or view but gorgeous good food.

  3. Mrs Jeffs423

    Well the is a place in Malibu named Gladstones. . . Go down PCH and its 15-20 minutes from the SM pier, It has good ocean views and a private sandy beach

  4. Wiz Burbank

    here is an excellent place right on Ocean Ave, just a couple blocks north of the pier: I Cugini
    great Italian/California cuisine

  5. Valen

    Gladstones is old and overrated. . . .
    Try the lobster on the Pier. . . . or Dukes. . on PCH

  6. Wizard X1

    Go to Gladstone’s in Malibu! It’s a pretty location, right on the beach, with ocean views. And, the menu is simple, but delicious. . . good fish and salads! Have fun!

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