The best restaurants in New York

Despite the city becoming bigger and building its nightlife for tourists, New York is always full to the brim with plenty of nightlife for locals and travelers. NYC is known as the world center of Jazz from all major names have come here and know that this is the place to do it. New York also has one of the hottest and most exclusive dance clubs in the world. There are many rooms so there are many places in New York for you to find a nice comfortable place to sit, drink and listen to music. NYC is open to all ages of revelers, welcomes the widest range of huge concerts by world-renowned musicians, and is famous for comedy clubs as the most famous comedians who have settled in the world.We went on a Friday night looking for a nightclub with a cool atmosphere and someone recommended Ace of Clubs Nightclub if we jumped in a taxi and $ 40 later, we arrived at Ace of Clubs. When we walked in the door things seemed not our style. It was a little loud and the drinks were a bit pricey. So we returned to our hotel in search of something better. On the way to the hotel, we asked the woman at the desk to recommend a nightclub and she told us to check ploose which I think is new directory nightlife was super easy. We hit New York, chose a disco, and he showed a lot right on the map. So we Nearest who said he had drink specials way, since we had spent so much taxis already chosen, we went down and cabbed him. When we arrived, it was exactly as shown on this website ploose (we watched a couple video tours so we knew what to expect). We walked in and got a table and bought a bottle of Grey Goose vodka and had a good time. It was called "The Pink Elephant" (name of club). We had a great time and went back to our hotel to vanish. We spent the day doing stuff to tourist side, check 5th Avenue, walking around Manhattan, stopping at a few random restaurants for lunch and dinner time rolled around we were exhausted. We decided that we needed something a little more discreet thing then we again ploose and found a cool little lounge nearby and decided to check it out. It was called the Sapphire Lounge. There was a really classic design, a bit like a party in your living room. Red curtains were great. There was this hip DJ play all the music from the house and the prices were very reasonable. We highly recommend it. Sunday arrived and we wanted to watch the football game we ploosed a sports bar nearby. We found evidence of New York and I can tell you, I was really glad we went. There was a big TV and I speak as 8 feet long – this TV was not a joke. The bar has hardwood floors and scarlet walls. They had great beer specials that day, so we were lucky. We ordered food and drinks enjoy enjoying our last day in New York. Before leaving the city for good, we had time to stop for a jazz bar called the "Blue Note". He was one of the best jazz bars, I went around the world and all lovers of jazz, I highly recommend. This is roughly half or more capacity, but not too busy, very nicely decorated and featuring musicians blew our minds. In summary, New York City has a wide choice of entertainment selections to offer. The next time we go we will check on the Opera and Broadway and give you our recommendations there. Work hard, party harder, and get home safely.

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February 12, 2014