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I am in Victoria, British Columbia in late August for my wedding anniversary and I'm looking for suggestions for a great place to have a good romantic birthday dinner with my husband. See would be great, good food is a must. What I discovered was – Happy Birthday … I can give you a lot of suggestions, but I'll narrow it down to three, in order of my favorite. # 1: Blue Crab Restaurant This is (in my opinion) one of the best dining experiences in Victoria. So good, you want to reserve about 2 weeks in advance and ask for a table in front of the inner harbor. If you come in late August, book a table for about 7:30-20:00. You will have a breathtaking view of the sunset over the harbor, well worth the view. The food is phenomenal, the service is amazing, it's worth every penny especially. Whenever I visit someone, I am there, and most of all time was amazing. # 2: Brasserie L'ecole This is a little known French restaurant downtown. The service and the food is amazing, and it's a bit of a cheaper alternative. Always amazing specials, and since its pretty small, it is good to make a reservation. Admitably, you do not get the point of view of the blue crab, but the atmosphere is really up to. 3 #: Matisse restaurant Another small French restaurant. I have only been a few times, but mostly all the time was a great experience. The owner comes around most every table to make sure everything goes well, and prices, as I recall, are not that bad. Definitely stay away from places like the Empress Hotel (very big tourist trap). The hotel is beautiful, but the two restaurants there is a big scam. In addition, the inner harbor are places like The Wharfside and The Garlic Rose, both tourist traps essentially overpriced. And just to add a few more things, a little cool place to go is Cook Street Village. See all the little shops, get a good breakfast or lunch Rosie Diner (some awesome 50s eat) and take a walk by the sea Apply really visit. I'll add websites for you to check, but again, in my opinion, the best of the best, most romantic with a beautiful view, the blue crab. Enjoy your birthday … Cheers.

Obama look-a-like gives testimony to Victoria BC Restaurants. Victoria Restaurants Breakfast is a directory of the best restaurants in Victoria, British Columbia. You can. . .

March 4, 2014