Do You Relly Need An Atlanta Attorney For Workers Compensation Claims?

Atlanta webWhen you have been injured on the job, your whole life becomes chaotic. There is the injury to manage, loss of income to deal with and an insurance company to work with for your claim. Each of these can be very hard to cope with, especially the insurance company.

Insurance companies are in business for one thing: to make money. They work hard to sell policies and collect monthly premiums. They also work very hard at denying claims, limiting benefits and undercutting claims. This is how they keep their profit margin high.

Is this fair? Absolutely not, but it is a common practice within this industry. Workers who have been injured on the job are routinely denied benefits, access to additional medical care and fair and complete compensation. And for these reasons, anyone that has been injured on the job should seek legal representation.

Hiring the Best Attorneys in Atlanta

When you are looking for an Atlanta attorney, you will want to find a full service firm that has attorneys dedicated to workers compensation cases. You also will want a firm that is large enough to properly investigate and support your case. In the end, you want the Law Offices of Kenneth S. Nugent.

For over 30 years, Kenneth Nugent and his associates have been serving Georgia residents in their time of need. As a dedicated personal injury practice, the Law Offices of Kenneth S. Nugent is ready and able to provide complete legal representation to those in need. With seven easily accessible locations, this law firm has what it takes to win your case.

This law firm is staffed with compassionate and professional attorneys and paralegals that have the experience necessary to aggressively represent your case. They know how the workers compensation system works and they make it work in your favor. They now that they must force the insurance companies to play fair and they are willing to take those extra steps to ensure that it happens.

Additionally, the Law Offices of Ken Nugent work on a contingency basis. What this means is that there is never any up-front fees for the injured party. Payment for services is rendered once the settlement has been approved. This guarantees that everyone, regardless of financial capabilities has access to quality legal representation.

These attorneys understand that there are many things that you must cope with during this period of your life. Your recovery is a priority and they are here to help make sure you have full access to medical care. By allowing these skilled attorneys the opportunity to handle all of the paperwork and dealings with the insurance company, you as the injured party can simply concentrate on your recovery.

Insurance policies are in place so that when an injury occurs a person receives the help they need. This is the basis for which all policies are sold. It is the priority of the Law Offices of Kenneth S. Nugent to make sure that these insurers abide by these standards and that the injured workers receive fair and just compensation.

March 3, 2014